Murray 6×4 Cabin


Interlocking Wall Framing44mm
External Width & Depth6000mm x 4000mm
Internal Width & DepthClass 10-5710mm x 3710mm Class - 5510mm x 3510mm
Ridge Height2770mm
Verandah Overhang1000mm
Doors Width & Height1600mm x 2000mm
Single Window Width x Height1300mm x 920mm

Pick your Install and price

The Cabin Kit (Supply only)



  • 6x4 Cabin Kit
  • Double Glazed Windows and Doors
  • Key Lock Hardware and 3 Keys
  • 19mm T&G Ceiling Lining
  • 120mm x 35mm H2 Rafters
  • 130mm x 30mm H3 Fasica
  • 70mm x 35mm Purlins
  • Bradford foil faced blanket R1.2
  • Colorbond Orb Roofing
  • Gutters and down pipes
  • Hardware for Cabin
  • Plans and Engineering

The Cabin kit & Class 10 Install



  • All the Cabin kit Features plus
  • Council approval
  • Water Corp approval
  • CDC BA3 Compliance
  • Insurance
  • Removal of soil from post holes
  • Removal of building rubbish
  • Conrete
  • Stumps H5 100 x 100
  • Ant Caps
  • Floor and decking bearers 90mm x 90mm H3
  • Decking Bearers 90mm x 45mm H3
  • Engineered Termite Treated Flooring 19mm
  • 90mm pine decking width x 1.5m
  • Install of Subfloor
  • Install of Colourbond Roof
  • Install of Decking
  • Termite Treatment to Cabin

The Cabin Kit & Class 1 Install



  • All the Cabin kit and Class 10 features plus
  • Energy Assessment
  • Bradford's Thermoseal Wall Warp Medium
  • 42mm x 19mm Cavity batten
  • 70 x 35mm H2 Stud Framing
  • Bradford Gold H-Per Wall Insulation R2.0
  • Bradford ceiling insulation R2.5
  • Pine Line T&G 12mm x 135mm Pine Lining
  • Install of Building Wrap
  • Install of Stud Frame Work
  • Install of Wall Insulation
  • Install of Pine Lining to Wall

All you Need To Do..

Select your install, Class 10 or 1.
What’s the difference?

Paint or Stain your cabin.

Fit your own lighting / electrics.

Fit your own plumbing.

Important Information

All buildings over 10 square meters must be approved by local council prior to construction (included in price).

Price listed is for Cabins submitted as Class 10a (shed), when upgrading to a Habitable Cabin (Class 1a) additional fees apply and minor changes must be made to the cabin. Contact us at (08) 9302 2274 if you have any questions.

Travel fee applies to all locations outside Perth Metro. Additional $2,790.00 + $4.40 per Km from Perth to your location. *KM is charged only one way.

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Where do you import your timber Cabins from and what are they made of?

The Cabins are manufactured in Europe. The subfloor, wall studs, decking, and linings are purchased locally.

Are the Cabins engineered?

Yes, every Cabin is engineered for your property. This is a requirement for local council.

What about white ants, wood rot and fire protection?

All Cabins are treated before being packed. The posts are H5, subfloor H3, flooring is engineered 19mm termite treated flooring, and the wall frame is H2 70mm treated studs. All Cabins will need to be treated by your local pest controller on completion.

Can I live in my cabin?

Yes, you can if it is approved as a class 1 habitable Cabin.

How long does it take to get the Cabin once ordered?

Council usually takes around 8-10weeks. If you have ordered a custom Cabin, it will take around 3-4months to get the Cabin kit.

Are they easy to install if DIY?

Yes, you need to ensure you get you subfloor level. One board sits on another and repeats this process, you will have all sorts of trouble at the end if you are not level at the start.

Can I custom design my Cabin?

Yes, but if you are going to custom design you are looking at an increase of 10%-15%.

How long does it take to build my timber cabin?

*All days are calculated having two Carpenter on site every day.
Class 10: up to 25 m2 is around 4 days.
Class 1: up to 25m2 –is around 7 days.
Class 1: up to 40m2- is around 15 Days
Class 1: up to 70m2 – is around 20 Days

What preparation am I required to do prior to you building the Cabin?

A clear site is all we require. The Cabin will sit around 350mm from natural ground level to finish floor level. A Cabins WA representative will come to check the site before install/sign-up.

Will you come to my country town in WA?

We will travel anywhere in WA, travel fees do apply.

Who deals with council and other statutory authorities?

If Cabins WA is constructing the Cabin, we complete all the approvals.

Are these applications and approvals included in the price?

Yes, they are apart from BAL assessment. (Bush Fire Assessments)

Is your timber sourced form FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) forests?

Yes, our European supplier are FSC Certified.

Are your Windows and Doors Double Glazed?

Yes, all the Windows and Doors are double glazed.

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